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Losing in Las Vegas is the real name of the game. Las Vegas has developed one of the world's most amazing illusions and that illusion is not just the tourist trap with all the elements of high class theme parks. The whole casino industry is built on the illusion that the casino is a place that you can have a fair chance of winning money as a gambler. The illusion is that of winning. Casinos make money precisely because people tend to lose more than they win.

Las Vegas style gambling has developed into the high art form of making losers feel like winners. This is what accounts for the high style and elegance of most casinos. Monte Carlo was the original developer of the casino as palace for rich patrons to come to gamble by allowing them to feel as if they had arrived in the establishment of the well just by the fact that their customers had the cash to ante up in the casino. The rich flocked to Monte Carlo knowing they would likely loose money on game played but that it was all part of the sport of the well to do.

Monte Carlo and most major casinos subsequent to it foster gentrification and the appeal of ostentatious behavior as much as possible. Most of the blue chip casinos in Vegas and elsewhere cater to those who want to appear to be rich and ostentatious because it is a winning formula. You can see the influence of Monte Carlo in the architectural designs of most of the big successful casinos. Card room type casinos are a slightly different animal as they feed off the instincts of compulsive gamblers without all the elegant frills.

Casinos don't particularly like customers who have any advantage in winning over the house. Card Counters in black jack get black listed by a consortium of casinos the minute they are identified.. Casinos are in business to make money and if possible a lot of money. The costs of keeping a casino open and running are very expensive in labor, utilities and debts required to pay for the gaming equipment. The only way to keep the operations going is to keep people coming though the door with money to bet and slotoff.com get them to stay as long as possible.

Comfortable climate control can be very expensive in Las Vegas with the desert heating and air conditioning loads on equipment. The same climate problems exist in hot and humid Macaw . The costs per gambler or non gambler visiting are substantial before a single dollar is even wagered. Keeping customers in your casino can be tricky in a place like Las Vegas with so many choices of places to play the same game. Casinos go out of their way offering creature comforts, freebies, comps and incentives to keep their customers and they also sometimes offer out right cash bribes to get customers to come into their establishments before going to a competitor's.

Making losers feel like they are winning such as being included and welcome in a high class establishment goes a long way toward keeping the business. The American Gambling Association representing casinos puts out a brochure called, "The House Advantage-a Guide to Understanding the Odds." There they spill the beans to customers that losing and not winning is the actual name of the game. The brochure says that regardless of what casino game one plays the chances are based on random outcomes and "always favor the casino." Games of chance are just for entertainment at a cost to the consumer it says, adding, the player should not come to a casino considering it a place to make money.

The brochure uses the euphemism "responsible gambling" to characterize the way players should behave by not wagering money they cannot afford to lose because as the brochure quickly points, in very few pages, winning in a casinos is more myth than reality. There is no casino that does not promote the anti-statistical probability myth of "good luck" as there is no such thing. Betting within your limits is the only way to protect yourself from unsustainable loses except for not ever entering a casino to gamble in the first place.

The house advantage is the art and science of the casino taking a percentage of every wager played by gamblers in their gaming facility. House advantage can be anywhere between a half of a percent to over 20%. One of the worst offenders in terms of house advantage in casinos are games run by state lotteries.