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She was by his side as he was taken to hospital after being stretchered off the pitch during a South Sydney Rabbitohs match over the weekend.
And two weeks before the terrifying tackle, NRL star Sam Burgess put on a loving display with his wife Phoebe as they enjoyed a day at the beach.
The pair, who married in December, relaxed on Bondi Beach as they soaked up the summer weather during a day out with Phoebe's toddler nephew.
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Loved-up: Sam and Phoebe Burgess enjoyed a relaxed day at the beach two weeks before he was injured during a South Sydney Rabbitohs match 
Showing off his paternal skills Sam doted on the youngster, playing in the sand as Phoebe topped up her tan. 
The 27-year-old was casual in some simple black board shorts, adding a red and tan hat to his off-duty look. 
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Meanwhile writer Phoebe was stylish in a white bikini top and gingham bottoms.
The 26-year-old kept her face hidden from the sun beneath a straw sun hat. 
At one point the beauty hitched a ride on her husband's back as they played on the sand before retreating to a nearby cafe with her nephew.
Inseparable: Sam carried his 26-year-old wife across the beach as they relaxed two weekends ago 
Having fun: Sam was in high spirits as he smiled at his wife while they chatted on Bondi Beach 
Family: The pair were joined by Phoebe's toddler nephew who played with Sam on the sand 
Showing him the ropes: The 27-year-old NRL star was seen playing with the toddler as they enjoyed their day out
Their outing came two weeks before Phoebe watched in horror as Sam lay motionless at Sydney Cricket Ground after clashing heads with Dragons player Mike Cooper in an excruciating tackle.
She was seen comforting his mother Julie as she wept in the stands while team owner Russell Crowe watched on, his face etched with worry. 
Phoebe was later seen in the front of an ambulance taking her husband to hospital, his younger brothers and fellow players Tom and George also accompanying them. 
On Sunday night the star took to Twitter to share an optimistic message with fans after being cleared of serious damage.


In shape: The sports star showed off his wedding ring and a watch as he made his way out of the water 
Close: Sam and Phoebe only had eyes for each other as they chatted on the sand, the beauty keeping her face hidden beneath a straw sun hat 
Style: Sam was laid back in some black board shorts while Phoebe opted for a white bikini top and gingham bottoms
'Initial scan results are positive.

Thank you all for messages of support - feeling extremely lucky tonight. 
'A few days of rest now,' he said
Speaking after the match coach Michael MacGuire said the athlete was in a 'good frame of mind' despite the excruciating tackle.  
Day out: The trio later left the beach for a nearby cafe, with Sam carrying Phoebe's nephew off the beach
Relaxed: The pair, who married in December, were in high spirits, chatting throughout the low-key outing 
'At the moment he has gone for scans, the doctor was pretty positive which is good news. 
'He had a bit of tingling down one arm and they go through all the right processes when you have an incident like that,' he told a press conference afterwards. 
Hours earlier Sam and Phoebe posed for a beaming selfie as they enjoyed a restaurant date before the game.

[ ] Horror: Sam was left lying on the pitch in agony after accidentally clashing heads with Mike Cooper during a match for the South Sydney Rabbitohs on Sunday
Grateful: Sam took to Twitter on Sunday to share an optimistic message with fans hours after the tackle 
Fear: Phoebe, who was in the stands, comforted Sam's mother Julie who wept as he was stretchered off the pitch
Recovering: Sam was rushed to hospital where he has since been cleared of serious spinal damage