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Live Munjoy Hill - Keep Munjoy Hill Liveable and Historic

The mission of Live Munjoy Hill is to protect the Historic Appeal of Munjoy Hill while promoting affordability through Policies, Zoning and Historic Designation designed to enhance the Future Economic, Cultural and Social Viability of the Neighborhood.


We seek to fulfill this mission by:

  • Encouraging the preservation of existing Housing Units.
  • Supporting the preservation of the historical architectural character of the neighborhood by historic district designations and the existing R-6 Overlay protections.
  • Pressing local political and administrative bodies to adopt policies, ordinances and administrative actions that further our mission and focus on the needs of Munjoy Hill residents instead of the goals of Developers such as R-6 Recode.
  • Evaluating proposals for development within the Munjoy Hill neighborhood in terms of our mission and the effect on the historical authenticity and overall amenity of the neighborhood.
  • Opposing development proposals that do not accord with the mission, particularly the replacement of current rental units with oversized, incongruous or expensive condominium blocks and the conversion of long-term rental units into short-term rentals.

Historic Architecture vs. What is now Replacing Old Buildings


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Traditionally, the Munjoy Hill area was a stable neighborhood consisting of late 1800 architecture. Countless tourists and others were drawn to this neighborhood from the mid 1990's onward because of its architecture and 'small town' friendly appeal. Building owners often took pride in maintaining old buildings to keep the look of Munjoy Hill as it was when it was developed. All of this changed in 2015, with R6 Design changes implemented by the City of Portland to change zoning in the R-6 districts, one of which is Munjoy Hill. The zoning changes encouraged expanding allowable usage of a lot so that larger buildings could be built under the disguise of increasing Density on Munjoy Hill so more living and affordable spaces would be available.

The result of this change has resulted in tearing down old buildings to build near million dollar condos. Because of "loosely interpreted and enforced" Design Standards, the result has been dozens of buildings being demolished, along with countless renters forced to move from the area as the replacement Condos were built with the extremely wealthy in mind. The replacement buildings are often referred to as Boxes and "Soviet Style" buildings and do not fit in place cohesively with the other buildings on Munjoy Hill. With the recent demolitions, Munjoy Hill has transformed from a working class affordable area into a playground for wealthy people from away that has numerous high end condos and Bed and Breakfasts. No longer is Munjoy a family oriented neighborhood. Please see below for the Demolitions that have transformed Munjoy Hill. Press on this link Munjoy Hill Demos if the demo chart does not display.

Munjoy Hill Demos

Affordable Housing Built in Historic District vs. Non-Historic District

Often, Developers and other opponents of a Historic district will like to note that a Historic District is for the elite or that a district encourages unaffordable housing. This has not been shown to be the case in other Portland Historic Districts. In fact, Munjoy Hill is not in a district yet and is becoming an Elite and unaffordable Neighborhood because of new development.


Creating Affordable Housing or Workforce and Middle Class Housing Matters to Our City, Our Business Community, and to the Fabric of Portland Life

The following presentation provides ideas for the City to help provide opportunity for workforce and middle class housing.
Click on Affordable Housing Study for the facts around housing in a Portland Historic District.

*Note: A PDF reader such as Adobe Reader is needed to open the Study file.

New Development Parking Issues

Anyone that lives on Munjoy Hill knows of the parking problems. To many of us, the recent developments on Fore street have intensified the traffic in general. If we continue to densify the Neighborhood the near un manageable parking conditions today will only get worse. Please refer to the following chart that illustrates the parking situation on Munjoy Hill. If you are unable to see the chart, please click on this link: Munjoy Hill Parking Mjparking01.png

Urgent Concerns

  • We can't change the way the City Planning or the City Council operates on our own. We need residents to voice their opinion to the City Planners and Council Members. There are numerous meetings held for the public to voice their opinions, but it is realized that is not always a convenient means for many. So if unable to attend the city meetings, Please utilize Email or call the planning department to voice your opinion of what is happening to OUR neighborhood!!!
  • The goal of Portland's Plan 2030 (Portland's Comprehensive Plan) is to increase the population to 72,000 by 2030. However, because of the housing policies set into motion, Portland's population is decreasing. Below is this evidence.


  • On Tuesday, 1/21/2020, the Portland Planning Department held a meeting targeting R-6 to dismantle the R-6 Zone and R-6 Design Standards to even more predator developer speculation on Munjoy Hill within the Planning Board workshops. R-6 Zoning changes are in the final stages of approval. Please let your voice be known. Developers are in constant communication with the city to get things moving in their direction. Concerned residents need to be in communication with the city too!

Planning Board Email Addresses:

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Our City Council member Email Address:

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For More Information

  • Please email us with any Questions or Suggestions. This site will be periodically updated.
  • Email us at [4]